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Taxi driver chocked and carjacked (Ireland)

Coalisland, IE -- Three car highjackers violently attacked a taxi driver during his shift last Sunday. According to...

Leeds taxi drivers stage protest outside Elland Road Police Station over...

Leeds, England -- Taxi drivers from across Leeds held a protest earlier outside Elland Road Police Station. Demonstrators allege police are 'failing...

Woman claims to be a ‘vampire’, bites taxi driver on the...

Ireland, UK -- Galway District Court sentenced a woman to prison after biting her taxi driver on the neck.

Police chase armed suspect after shooting a taxi driver

Rotorua, New Zealand -- A man was arrested after shooting a taxi driver and fleeing from the police with a stolen car.

Woman stabs taxi driver over a $37 fare dispute

Adelaide, Australia -- The 23-year-old suspect who stabbed a taxi driver over a $37 fare admits she 'overreacted' in a court hearing...

Taxi driver stabbed during robbery (Birmingham, UK)

Birmingham, UK -- Authorities are now hunting for the suspect of a robbery incident that left a taxi driver with stab wounds.

Milwaukee man stabs taxi driver and sets cab on fire

Milwaukee, USA -- Police arrested 34-year-old Scott Perez after stabbing a taxi driver on the neck and lighting his cab on fire.

Man sentenced to 5 years in prison for assaulting taxi driver

Colorado, USA -- Summit County Justice Center sentenced Joseph Redmond to five years imprisonment after assaulting a local taxi driver earlier this...

Federation of Taxi Drivers seeks justice in livery cab driver assault

New York, USA -- The Federation of Taxi Drivers call for justice after a livery cab driver got brutally beaten by a...

Taxi driver held at gunpoint after telling the passenger his fare...

Kansas, USA -- A man pulled a gun on a taxi driver after he was told how much he owed for the...