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Adelaide, Australia — The 23-year-old suspect who stabbed a taxi driver over a $37 fare admits she ‘overreacted’ in a court hearing last Monday.

According to reports, Georgie Lee Dart allegedly gave the driver $20 as an initial payment. She then asked the driver to stop near an ATM so she could withdraw the remaining $17.

However, things escalated when the driver grabbed on to her backpack, preventing her to exit the vehicle. He told her to leave her purse inside the taxi until she could pay her fare in full amount.

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Defense counsel Stacey Carter said the woman refused to do so. Hence, the driver chased Ms. Dart inside the Elizabeth Shopping Centre. At this point, the taxi driver managed to grab the strap of her bag which prompted her to threaten him with a knife.

“She does admit that she completely overreacted,” Atty. Carter said. “She admitted to reaching out and striking out at him.”

Authorities arrested Ms. Dart and the victim was taken to Royal Adelaide Hospital with slash wounds to his hand and forearm.

Furthermore, the court heard that the victim had not returned to work since the incident.

Atty. Carter claimed that her client was genuinely sorry for what she did to the driver. Ms. Dart also asked Judge Julie McIntyre to consider a suspended sentence.

Ms. Dart’s sentencing will take place this December.

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