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10 Basic Taxi Etiquette Everyone Must Know
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10 Basic Taxi Etiquette Everyone Must Know

Yeah, traffic jams are horrendous, alright – but have you ever had a grumpy, rude passenger?

That’s what taxi drivers have to consistently put up EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. From the snub ones to the dangerously intoxicated ones, they’ve met all kinds of bad people. Mix it up with very low pay, long hours of work, and traffic jams? You’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for the most stressful job in the US (P.S: yes, that’s a fact).

So, why don’t we show our taxi drivers some love? They had our backs when we needed to get home safely, so it’s time to return the favor.

In this blog, we will give you 10 very simple taxi etiquette that everyone should follow. After all, cab drivers are just trying to get by like everyone else. So, show them the respect they deserve.

1. No Stealing of Cabbie

Never, under any circumstances, is it acceptable to steal another person’s taxi. If a taxicab parked near you, look around to see if someone else flagged that taxi. If you’re in a hurry, have the common decency to ask the other person if you may go first.

Always put yourself in other’s shoes. Most importantly, don’t do unto others what you don’t want done unto you. It’s that simple.

2. Watch Your Mouth

Legally, you aren’t restricted from using your phone while riding, but as a passenger, it’s common courtesy to avoid loud conversations and rude conduct. Why? Because it might distract the driver’s thought process, which can result in a pretty bad situation. Lower your voice and avoiding from shouting, yelling, or laughing too loudly. You’re putting everyone on board at risk, so speak gently.

Most importantly, control yourself from swearing. Riding a cab means you’re entering the taxi driver’s workplace. If you wouldn’t want someone breathing down your neck or yelling obscenities to you in the office, don’t treat your cabbie that way.

Also, if your driver starts a conversation, don’t give them the silent treatment. Politely reply to their questions and listen attentively to their stories. If you’re not in the mood, give at least a word or two. They should be able to pick up that you’d rather have your space. Don’t just ignore them.

3. Try Not To Eat Or Drink

It sounds like one of those online challenges that teenagers participate on, but at least this one’s for a good cause.

Most taxi drivers doesn’t allow their passengers to eat or drink while riding – and rightfully so. Any crumbs, stains, and smell that will come from your food will make the whole ride unsanitary. Most importantly, all of this mess will bother both the driver and the next passengers. The same goes for drinks, as they spill and stain more easily than food.

So, try to take on this challenge every time you ride a taxi. You may not have cash prizes or a viral video at the end, but at least you’ll become more disciplined.

4. Clean As You Go

There’s a special place in hell for people who leave their trash behind in the taxicab. So, if you don’t want to endure eternal suffering, make sure to take your trash with you when you leave. It may be as small as a gum wrapper, water bottles – anything you have. Remove the trash even if it’s not yours.

5. Keep Your Cool

Stuck in traffic? Trust me, your driver is just as frustrated and pissed as you are. So, before you explode into full-on rage mode, consider everyone else on board. No one wants to be near a hot-headed person, let alone be isolated in a car ride with one. You must begin to realize and accept the fact that some things happen beyond anyone’s control. If you really can’t keep your emotions inside, step out of the car and have some air. Nobody needs to hear your nagging.

Also, if you’re already having a bad day, spare your taxi driver. Ruining other people’s day won’t make things better for you. So keep calm and enjoy the ride!

6. No PDA

Social norms are expected to be followed everywhere and that includes your taxi. Too much kissing, smooching, and dirty talk is considered disruptive behavior and can very much make your driver uncomfortable. We’re happy that your date went amazing, but try to control your unbridled passion until you get home.

7. Don’t Do/Ask Something Illegal

Seriously, that’s common sense. And the need to still put it in this list is already alarming in itself.

Asking your taxi driver to break the law will put both of you in danger. If you’re in a hurry, suggest to him/her to take a shortcut. But you can’t ask your taxi driver to run red lights, drive over the speed limit, or blow through stop signs to get you there on time. Try to book for a cab ahead of time to avoid running late.

Additionally, you can’t force the driver to take more passengers than allowed. Not only can you get yourself hurt for overloading, but the driver can also lose his/her license. Call for a second taxicab if your party can’t fit in a single vehicle.

These taxi drivers are just trying to make a living and have families that depend on them. Think about that before you drag them into your mess.

8. Give Specific Instructions

Let your driver know everything he/she needs to know. If you have a preferred route, tell them. They will be more than happy to comply to your requests. You should also let them know about the specific address of your destination. Conflicts usually arise due to miscommunication and misunderstanding. You can avoid those by giving complete and accurate information.

Try to give your driver ample warning when your drop-off location is near. Sudden stops and swerves is very dangerous and can put both of you in harm’s way.

9. Be Considerate

It’s a very common misconception in today’s society, but just because they’re serving us, doesn’t mean we’re any better from them. Don’t act like you’re of royal blood and they’re one of your slaves. Instead of sitting back while watching your driver struggle with your heavy luggage, lend a helping hand. Don’t forget to thank them afterward.

10. Leave A Tip!

It’s the most simple act of gesture that means a lot to taxi drivers. They’d love to know your feedback about their performance. Leaving a tip encourages your driver to keep up his/her good work. Always remember that 15-30% is the general rule. Unless if he/she was rude, grumpy, or dangerous, then tip as much as you would allow yourself.

Did we miss anything? Make sure to leave a comment down below and share this to your friends and family!

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