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The report released on Tuesday found that app-based ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft are increasing carbon emissions, with such trips creating more pollution than comparable private car rides and drawing passengers away from public transport.

Uber and Lyft create more CO2 than private cars, says study

Aside from driving taxi drivers poor and depressed, Uber and Lyft are notorious for the many flaws, controversies, and disturbing business model...

Uber: A Threat to the U.S. Middle Class?

These past few years, Uber seems to be joining the list of mature tech giants that saw their leaders —  typically harsh...
Cabbie Rajbir Singh saved an elderly passenger in his cab from giving a scammer $25,000 in Roseville, California. He is flanked by Roseville Police records clerk Megan Harrigan and police Capt. Josh Simon.

Cabbie rescues elderly woman from $25,000 scam

California, USA -- A kind-hearted cabbie won the hearts of many after saving an elderly woman from a $25,000 scam.
Former taxi driver Alex Kenin coached his daughter, Sofia, to the Australian Open title

From Taxi Driver to Grand-Slam Winning Coach: The Story of Alex Kenin

Australia -- Russian-born Alex Kenin used to drive New York taxis and spoke English so poorly that he didn't know where he...
The future of the taxi industry

The Future of the Taxi Industry

A long, long time ago, the taxi industry lived in peace and harmony. Everyone loved the yellow-colored sleek-shaped vehicles, and everyone loved...