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Become a vendor and sell your products on our marketplace

Shoppers Can't Wait to See What You Have to Sell on Your Own Online Store


Become a Vendor on The KTA Marketplace and join the only marketplace directed at thousands of taxi drivers all around the world shopping for unique products and merchandise related to the taxi industry.

1. Low Fees

Registering for a vendor account on our marketplace is 100% FREE. It doesn’t take much expertise to set up your vendor store and list your items immediately. And once you make a sale, KeepTaxisAlive.Org’s commission fee is as low as 8%, ONLY! There are NO account set-up fees, NO maintenance fees & NO monthly or annual fees.

2. Powerful Seller Tools

Your vendor account will be preloaded with tons of selling tools and premium features like inventory management with easy product editing & uploads, sales & performance reports, orders & shipping management, coupons generating and many other premium tools and features to help promote and grow your online business at no additional charge.

3. Support 24/7

Support is always one ticket away. We offer 24/7 support with many agents available to help with all of your concerns and technical support needs.


It’s easy to start selling online with KeepTaxiAlive.Org!

KTA Marketplace: Register your vendor account then list your products

1. Register your vendor account then list your products

  • Register your business for free and create your product catalogue.
  • Our Advisors will help you at every step and fully assist you in taking your business online.
KTA Marketplace: Sell your products & receive orders

2. Sell your products & receive orders

  • Receive orders from your customers and manage ththese orders from your seller dashboard.
KTA Marketplace: Package your sold items and ship them out to your customers

3. Package your sold items and ship them out to your customers

  • Set your own shipping rates for each product.
  • Package and ship your products to your customers locally or all around the world.
KTA Marketplace: Get paid and grow your online business

4. Get paid and grow your online business

  • Receive your sellers earnings only 7 days after the customer receives the product.
  • Grow your online business by listing as many products as you want (UNLIMITED), and by selling as many products as you want (UNLIMITED), and only pay as low as 8% commission fee per sale.


It doesn’t cost a thing to open your online store and list unlimited products each month, and you only pay KeepTaxisAlive.Org a small 8% commission fee per sale when you make a sale.

Listing Fee

FREE. There are no fees to list your products for sale on our online marketplace. And you may list as many products as you want in your online store at no additional charge.


Here are some common questions about selling on KeepTaxisAlive.Org

1. How do fees work on KeepTaxisAlive.Org?

Becoming a vendor on KeepTaxisAlive.Org is free. There is ONLY one basic selling fee: the commision fee of only 8%, which is only due once you make a sale.

It costs $0 to publish a product listing to the KTA Marketplace. A product listing remains active on your online store until the entire stock of that products is soldout or until you take down the listing. Once an item sells, there is an 8% comission fee on the total order cost (excluding shipping costs). You DO NOT pay any additional credit card processing fees because those fees are already included in the 8% commision we charge.

2. What do I need to do to become a vendor?

It’s easy to become a vendor and open your own online store on the KTA Marketplace. Create an account on KeepTaxisAlive.Org (if you don’t already have one), then register for a free vendor account where you can choose your store’s name, select your store’s location and currency, set up your shipping rates and finally create a product listing and publish it.

3. How do I get paid?

We use both PayPal and Stripe to process all orders on our marketplace since they are the safest payment methods available online today. On the “Payments” section of your vendor dashboard you will be asked to connect your PayPal account and your Stripe account to your vendor store which will allow your customers to pay for products on your store via PayPal or Stripe (Credit/Debit Cards). Earnings for completed orders will be sent directly to your PayPal account for PayPal orders, or to your bank account for Stripe (Credit/Debit cards) orders. Creating both PayPal and Stripe accounts for new vendors is an easy 5 minutes process and it’s free of charge. We encourage our vendors when creating a new PayPal account to select the” PayPal Business Account” option and not the “Personal Account” option, as personal accounts are subject to monthly receiving limits by PayPal.

4. Do I need a credit or debit card to become a vendor?

No, becoming a vendor on our marketplace is FREE and you do not pay any upfront fees nor do you need to have a credit/debit card or even a bank account to sell on the KTA Marketplace.