Taxi strikes pedestrian after swerving to avoid hitting man in wheelchair


Hong Kong — A local taxi, which was carrying a female passenger, mounted the pavement and hit a pedestrian while swerving to avoid a wheelchair user, police reports.

The cab was heading south on Tai Po Road in Sham Shui Po. Then, by 8:30am on Nam Cheong Street, the incident happened.


The 50-year old driver, surnamed Chan, says that the green light was in his favor as he was crossing the road. However, an elderly man in a wheelchair suddenly greeted him at the middle of the pedestrian crossing.

As a result, the driver veered the vehicle to the left and hit another male pedestrian in the process. Mr. Chan states that had he failed to do so, the elderly man might have been killed.

According to the police, the pedestrian obtained leg injuries due to the incident. He was taken to Princess Margaret Hospital for treatment.

The taxi driver allegedly passed a breathalyzer test, making drunk driving a lesser probability. Kowloon West traffic officers are currently handling the case.

Furthermore, police reports revealed that 38 were killed and 5,920 were injured from the 4,720 road traffic accidents in the city. The data was obtained in the first four months of this year.

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