Baltimore, Maryland — Baltimore Country cops start an investigation after a woman claims she was sexually harassed by her Uber driver. The victim reported it happened last Saturday in Mays Chapel, Timonium.

According to reports, the woman was picked up by her Uber driver late Saturday night. He was supposed to drive her to her house.

However, when the lady failed to arrive home at the time he expected, police said that the father tracked her phone to where the Uber was parked.

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Baltimore Country Police Department Cpl. Shawn Vinson said: “When he went up and knocked on the car, he observed the driver and the victim in the back seat of the car.”

The victim’s father confronted the Uber driver, however, the suspect went back to the driver’s seat and took off.

“This is a very serious allegation. It’s a very serious incident,” says Mr. Vinson. “The father of the victim called police.”

An Uber spokesperson released a statement saying, “What’s been reported is appalling beyond words. We removed the driver from the app as soon as this was reported to us. We will work with police on their investigation.”

As of now, police are still searching for the driver and no suspect identification has been released.

Mr. Vinson stated, “That’s about as much details as we want to discuss right now to confirm, because this is a very active investigation. We’re continuing to speak with the victim, and our investigation is very fluid at this point and evolving.”

He further adds, “There’s no evidence there’s an outstanding threat to the public, that there’s any type of pattern here where this person was doing multiple incidences. We don’t have any evidence of that right now.”

Police say the suspect might face second degree rape charges.

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