Suspect in Back Bay Shooting of Taxi Driver Arrested

Suspect Foy being taken into custody.
Phillip Foy gets taken into custody Tuesday. —Mark Garfinkel / NBC10 Boston

Boston — Police arrested the suspect in the shooting of a taxi driver in Boston’s Back Bay last Tuesday at 11 am. Boston Police report said that the suspect attempted to steal the driver’s cab right outside Colonnade hotel in broad daylight. The suspect shot the driver multiple times and fatally wounded him before driving off with the cab.

The cab driver, identified as 60-year-old Luckinson Oruma, was declared dead at a Boston hospital. One of Oruma’s children, Jeffrey, said that he was a “[h]ard working man. He worked hard. Took care of his family”.


Police officers arrested the 34-year-old suspect named Phillip Foy. They will charge him with murder, unlawful possession of firearm, and armed carjacking.

Mug shot of murder suspect Phillip Foy
Mug shot of murder suspect Phillip Foy. (WBZ-TV)

Police found Foy about a block from the scene with the help of eyewitnesses. Prosecutors say Foy ditched the cab and dumped his firearm and ammunition trying to hide at a supermarket nearby.

“They do have somebody which obviously is not going to bring him back but at least they got the person that caused this mess,” said Eddie Summers, manager at Independent Taxi where Oruma worked.

Phillip Foy arrested after shooting of taxi driver.
Phillip Foy being arrested after shooting of taxi driver. (WBZ-TV)

“I wish my dad didn’t suffer, hope he didn’t suffer,” said Princewill, one of Oruma’s children. “Trying to shop for a good gift for my father for Father’s Day, but at this point I’ll be shopping for funeral homes.”

Boston Police thanked the witnesses who reported seeing the incident as the suspect escaped from the scene in the taxi. According to Rachael Rollins, Suffolk County’s District Attorney “[they] had Good Samaritans that engaged in heroic behavior”.

Boston Police are calling on witnesses to come forward with any valuable information to help speed up the process and bring justice to Luckinson.

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