Taxi drivers killed

Brooklyn, USA — A Pakistani taxi driver had recently just started his new job at a pharmaceutical company and had plans to get married. However, one fatal shot changed all of that.

Investigators scoured the scene in East New York early Friday morning and found the dead body of 29-year-old Noman Saleemi.

According to police, the Livery taxi driver was robbed and shot in the head. His body was left on the sidewalk and his vehicle was nowhere to be found.

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His dispatcher at Everywhere Car Service thought he was just sleeping in his car when he didn’t answer for hours.

“My dispatcher called and told me go over there,” the victim’s brother, Rizwan Saleemi said. “When I come here it was all blocked off by police. I asked them what happened. They took me to the precinct and tell me he was shot and everything. It was so shocking.”

New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers spokesperson Fernando Mateo said Norman’s last fare was a 70-year-old lady at the Resorts Casino. After dropping her off, everything went silent.

“He was driving a red Nissan Altima, we don’t know what the whereabouts of that vehicle is,” Mateo stated. Furthermore, the police found his wallet five blocks from the crime scene.

“He was a great personality,” Rizwan Saleemi said. “He was like so quiet, you know, don’t say anything.”

“This was a young man, a brother, a son, a nephew, a cousin, a good human being that his life was taken senselessly,” Mateo said.

Police have yet to pin down a motive and the investigation remains on going. The Federation of Taxi Drivers is offering a $5,000 reward for details leading to an arrest.

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