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Taxi flies off from the road, lands on residential roof
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Taxi flies off from the road, lands on residential roof

What do you expect to see when you hear a loud crash on your rooftop?

Perhaps it’s a stone that your grumpy old neighbor threw to scare off the birds resting above your house. Or maybe those are just a few stray cats having the fight of their lives.

But what would you do if you find four living-breathing people, in a full-sized taxi cab, filled with many bottles of beer?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to an unsuspecting Kraaifontein family last Tuesday in Cape Town, South Africa.

According to reports, a Toyota Quantum taxi came flying off the N1 highway and landed on the roof before rolling off and falling into the yard of the house.

“The driver of a white Toyota Quantum lost control of the vehicle he was driving,” Police spokesperson, Siyabulela Malo said. “He left the road and damaged a private residential property’s wall and roof, as well as two private vehicles that were parked on the property.”

Luckily, the driver and the three passengers sustained no serious injuries.

One of the homeowners, Celeste de Bruyn, says it’s a miracle her parents weren’t hurt.

“We heard something big falling on the roof,” Celeste says. “I immediately looked out of the window and then heard something falling. When I checked, a panel van was right next to the house on its wheels. Two passengers were lying a few meters from the van. The driver’s body was awkwardly bent over the front seat and he had a hole in his back. The girl’s arm was broken.

She furthered, “One of them said they were returning from a club and were heading home, hence all the beers in the vehicle.”

Furthermore, police say that the driver must have been going around 180 kilometers per hour.

“We are just very grateful to God that no lives were lost during this accident,” Celeste told reports.

The driver and the passengers were taken to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.

Kraaifontein police are still investigating the incident with no arrests made as yet.

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