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Uber driver found guilty of careless driving which killed a father of four
Bad uber driver

Uber driver found guilty of careless driving which killed a father of four

Auckland, New Zealand — Daniel Kopa, a father of four girls, was struck and killed by an Uber driver last June 2017. Two years later, Daljinder Singh, the driver, has been found guilty but will not be jailed.

The incident occurred on Hobson St in Auckland’s CBD around 9am. Mr. Kopa allegedly attempted to cross all four lanes of the wide one-way street when he was struck by the car, just short of the footpath.

The victim propelled about 15 meters and his shoes were thrown off. Medical reports show that Mr. Kopa suffered a severe traumatic brain injury during the crash.

According to Judge Peter Butler, the defendant did not see the victim until it was too late to take effective action.

“Mr Kopa did not see the defendant’s vehicle and jogged into its path,” Judge Butler said.

Moreover, forensic engineer Dr. Tim Stevenson stated that the main cause of the collision was Kopa’s decision to cross the road.

With that said, Judge Peter Butler delivered the guilty verdict in the Auckland District Court in front of both Kopa’s and Singh’s families. However, Judge Butler did not enter a conviction today, as Mr. Kopa still contributed to the crash.

The 26-year-old Uber driver was remanded at large until August 23, when he would be sentenced.

Mr. Kopa’s wife, Calli Cleland, said she was relieved the court held Singh responsible for his part in the crash. However, nothing brought her husband back.

Furthermore, Auckland Mayor Phil Goff, a family friend, published a tribute to him after his death.

“It is absolutely heartbreaking for Calli to lose the love of her life and for four little girls to grow up without their dad.”

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