Florida man bites taxi driver after she denies his request for a kiss


Florida, USA — A 29-year old Kyle Edward McCormick allegedly bit a female taxi driver on the arm after she refused several “unwanted advances.”

According to Pasco County Sheriff’s deputies, the Florida man was traveling from Cricks 54 bar to Allure Gentlemen’s Club on U.S. Highway 19.


Eventually, during the journey, the offender tried kissing the taxi driver’s arm from the back seat. However, when she refused, he bit her arm instead.

A local media outlet reported that the suspect admitted that he, in fact, bit the taxi driver for not letting him kiss her arm.

According to Fox 13, attending police noted a visible bite mark on her arm at the time of contact. The incident happened around 8pm on June 22.

Mr. McCormick was arrested a short time later and charged with misdemeanor battery. Police released him shortly after paying a $1000 fine.

Florida law states that misdemeanor battery has penalties of up to one year in jail or 12 months probation. Furthermore, the convicted person will have a $1,000 fine.

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