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4 Reasons Why UberEATS Isn’t As Good As You Think It Is
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4 Reasons Why UberEATS Isn’t As Good As You Think It Is

Does Uber ever learn from their mistakes?

For the past years, the ridesharing company has been under fire for several hot and heavy controversies. Their unethical company culture, unstable upper management composition, a security breach kept hidden, several states revoking their license to operate, huge net loss, and a disappointing IPO performance. Still, most of us continue to tolerate these errors because of the convenience Uber brings to our lives.

But when do we say “enough is enough”?

Uber’s brand new sizzling hot service called UberEATS might finally be the company’s last straw. With a 0.3 rating out of 10 in Trust Pilot, the service definitely raised more concerns than satisfied customers.

With that in mind, we made a list of reasons why UberEATS is a bad service – if not the worse from Uber.

UberEATS is too expensive

A writer from Business Insider shared one particular experience they had with UberEATS. According to him, UberEats is only available from 11 am to 2pm on weekdays in NYC. Furthermore, delivery is only between 14th Street and 59th Street in Manhattan. The menu also changes every week, but it usually consists of small meals.

From those data alone, the service already seems too constricted and limited – contrary to their motto of being ‘convenient’.

Anyway, the customer ordered a brisket burrito which costs $10.56 (excluding the tax fee of $0.94). The price of the burrito alone is slightly above the average price. However, that’s not all that you need to pay for.

You see, UberEATS has a delivery fee of $4 – yikes!

Now, the total cost of a single brisket burrito is $15.50. That’s going to be some fancy brisket burrito based on the price.

However, according to the Business Insider, the burrito wasn’t worth $15. It’s a tad dry and looks like any other brisket burrito. It was good, but not that good.

In conclusion, the service may bring so much convenience to people especially for those looking for a quick lunch. But with a $4 delivery fee, it’s quite too much for an average tasting burrito. Especially with several companies doing on-demand food delivery, Uber is going to have to do better than this to stand out.

UberEATS imposes ‘unfair contracts’ with restaurants

Many food franchises have partnered up with UberEATS in order to offer delivery service to their customers. However, what most consumers may not realize is that these restaurants have to sign up to some vague contract terms if they want UberEATS to deliver meals for them.

Once they do that, it is expected that the restaurant is no longer responsible for the food when it arrives; the way it has been handled and transported is outside of their control.

But that is not the case, according to UberEATS’ terms.

As stated by one of the terms: “You acknowledge … Uber is a technology services provider … [which does not] provide any delivery or logistics services.”

In other words, Uber’s contract shifts the responsibility and the risk of delivery onto the restaurant, even though it has no control over the routes the driver takes.

Most UberEATS delivery guys give bad customer service

A common issue that circulated around UberEATS is that delivery drivers won’t deliver directly to people’s doors.

As stated by the customers, some delivery drivers refuse to take the orders to the door. Instead, they will tell customers that they will be waiting on the curb.

But since UberEATS is a food delivery service, shouldn’t it be a door-to-door delivery? Is there some safety concern that the customers should be aware of?

Transparency and openness with customers is very crucial in the success of a company. And until Uber won’t stop playing the guessing game, I’m afraid their customer service quality will continue to flop.

UberEATS kills sociable restaurant experience

Gone are the days of socializing with new people in restaurants. Now, you can enjoy luxurious meals in the comfort of your home – all by yourself!

While this may be great news to people – especially introverted ones, we can’t take away the fact that social interaction is important. Research shows that having a strong, supportive network stimulates both emotional and physical health. Hence, whether we like it or not, we need to communicate with other people. And it starts in simple acts such as going out to restaurants.

But with the increasing trend of food delivery services, we are becoming less sociable, more atomized, and old conceptions of public life fade away.

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