St. James, JAMAICA — It has been nearly four months since the Jamaican Government declared a state of emergency in the parish of St. James. Unfortunately, this did not stop a 23-year old entertainer coordinator from murdering a senior taxi driver.

The driver was initially reported missing last Tuesday by his relatives. Police officials immediately ran an investigation to which they later caught the entertainer coordinator driving the missing taxi operator’s car.

As the police questioned him, the suspect led the officers to an open lot, off the Brandon hill main road, in Montego Bay. There, the cops discovered the taxi driver’s decomposing body underneath a sheet of zinc.

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A piece of cable wire also tied around the victim’s neck. Beside his bashed head was a stone covered in blood.

The motive of the incident is not yet clear. However, according to several reports, they were having a heated argument in the premises. Eventually, the dispute developed into a physical confrontation, after which the entertainer left the premises.

Police identified the driver as 49-year-old Horace Roseway, otherwise called “Chunkman” taxi driver of Rosemount Crescent, Montego Bay.

The suspect is currently in custody of the police and will be facing numerous charges in the next few hours.

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