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How The Taxi Industry Can Compete Against Uber
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How The Taxi Industry Can Compete Against Uber

The Taxi vs. Uber war has plagued thousands of taxi drivers all over the world. The medallion price value has plummeted, cab drivers are earning less, and many are facing million-dollar debts. In fact, the taxi industry took so much impact that many have started to consider it a dying industry – or so they thought.

Over the past couple of months, protests from frustrated taxi drivers started to swarm on the streets in many different countries, and most of which have been successful. In the US, some states managed to ban Uber from operating, while others continue to expose the dirty works of the ridesharing company.

But truth be told: if the taxi industry really wants to survive, then it’s going to take more than throwing scrutiny and scandals to make that happen. It’s going to need a high amount of determination, passion, and creativity in order to beat Uber in their own game.

So, how exactly are we going to do that? Well, we’ve put together a list of ways on how to compete against Uber and other ridesharing apps. They’ve exploited the industry’s weaknesses, so why not do the same?

Move on from medallions

I understand the cultural value of taxi medallions in the cab industry. They are what makes a taxi… a taxi. And they have been one of the safest investments possible – constantly increasing in value. However, that was history. Nowadays, medallions are trapping drivers into huge debts that they cannot repay. They have started to become old artifacts, rather than valuable commodities.

These permits are holding the taxi industry back from progression, and various studies prove it to be true. It’s time for the cab community to find other alternatives and move on from the medallion-obsessed culture.

Preserve safety regulations

It’s something the majority of cab advocates always highlight in their protests – and rightfully so because if there is one thing taxis and Uber should have in common, it’s high-quality safety regulations.

However, Uber seems to fall short in that category. The ridesharing company has been criticized for not using fingerprints to check the background of their drivers. And in some states, they’re legally allowed to follow their own regulations instead of law-imposed ones (like everyone else).

One the other hand, taxis have very strict safety regulations. They are carefully screened, tested, and trained to be taxi drivers. With that said, the taxi industry should use these standards to highlight the fact that taking a taxi might be safer than requesting an Uber.

Develop an app

Taxis are now dubbed as the “paper prints of transportation” – and people are slowly accepting that they are now things of the past. But guess what, prints are still very much around and have managed to adapt into the tech-savvy world.

With that said, the taxi industry should do the same as well. After all, the world is dynamic, it’s either you adapt or die.

And fortunately, several taxi companies have started to realize the benefits and convenience of technology. Some have made their services available through apps, while others have online websites and social media pages to connect with their clients. Using these tools will help make the industry more accessible and convenient to use. Let Uber get a taste of their own medicine and bring the battle online!

Create a rating system for drivers

In this interconnected world, the want to give feedback is stronger than ever. In fact, people will always find a way to comment their opinions and fight for their rights should anyone decide to deny it. Hence, as a business that serves to the public, creating a rating system for drivers is certainly a must.

A rating system allows people to evaluate drivers, making the entire experience feel better and safer. Mutual understanding and good relationship will greatly improve customer satisfaction. And if people are satisfied, they’re more likely to keep coming back for more.

Think and drive outside the box

Modern problems require modern solutions. No matter how much we deny it, staying “traditional” is not going to solve an industry from dying. Sometimes, all we need is a little touch of creativity and innovation.

For instance, flying taxis and Uber’s first-ever submarine-cab have grabbed the attention of many transportation enthusiasts. Applying these futuristic concepts will keep the industry active and alive.

As of now, the only way to beat Uber is to use the same cheats against them. And to quote a personal favorite proverb of mine: “Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill.”

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