Taxi driver returns bag of money to Brazilian footballer

Taxi driver returns bag of money to Brazilian football player.

Dubai, UAE — Dubai Police honors taxi driver Muhammad Nazem for his honesty after returning a bag full of money to a Brazilian football player.

According to reports, the bag belonged to Bismark Ferreria, a Brazilian football striker at Khor Fakan Football Club. Mr. Nazem was his taxi driver at the time he left his bag full of money.


When Mr. Nazem looked back at the passenger seat, he saw the bag. He then immediately handed it over to the nearest police station.

“Police told me that they’d call me later,” Nazem said. “Two days later, I was surprised to see a Dubai Police team visit me at my workplace to honor me in front of my superiors and fellow drivers.”

Furthermore, Nazem encouraged fellow taxi drivers and citizens to handover lost items to the police.

“I felt really proud of what I’d done,” Nazem said.

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