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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Taxi driver escapes armed robbery

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Taxi driver escapes armed robbery

Tennessee, USA — A video of a Knoxville man surfaced online after he was caught trying to rob a taxicab driver.

According to authorities, 20-year-old Jaquel Brown allegedly called a taxi to come pick him up. The trip to his destination seemed casual until the suspect got out of the cab and pulled a gun on the taxi driver.

At this point, Mr. Brown demanded cash from the driver. He also ordered him to unlock the cab’s doors – to which the driver complied.

Mr. Brown then opened the door, still pointing the gun at the driver. The suspect asks the driver for cash, but the driver reasons out that he only takes credit cards.

This is when Mr. Brown threatens him by saying: “Do you see that bullet in there?”

“I don’t. Don’t shoot me,” the victim begs.

“Give me your money,” the suspect demanded.

The driver attempted to open the door on his side, but Brown instructs him to stay in the car.

As soon as the robber walked around the other side of the car, the driver saw it as his chance to escape.

Gunshots were heard as the victim sped away from the suspect.

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Jaquel Brown pleaded guilty in an attempted armed robbery of a taxi driver and two home invasions. (Source: WVLT)

Mr. Brown was immediately arrested and charged with attempted aggravated robbery, aggravated assault. He also pleaded guilty to two home invasions, including one in which he beat a homeowner with a brass candlestick holder.

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