Chicago police investigate the scene of a multi-vehicle crash involving a taxi and four private-use vehicles.

Chicago, USA — A crash involving a taxi, Oldsmobile, and Kia injured three people in Homan Square earlier this Sunday.

According to reports, police conducted a traffic stop at the intersection of Ogden Avenue and Homan Avenue. Around 2:10 am, a 2002 white Oldsmobile Silhouette driven by a 21-year-old man drove towards the traffic stop. Naturally, the officers tried to pull over the vehicle but the driver fled from the officers north on Homan.

The Oldsmobile ran a red light and subsequently crashed into a Kia which then smashed into a taxi cab.

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Furthermore, the Oldsmobile spun out and hit an unoccupied parked vehicle. The parked also vehicle dominoed into another a Toyota Avalon that was behind it, police said.

The Oldsmobile driver, despite suffering from a broken leg, still attempted to flee from the authorities. However, police eventually arrested him a few feet from the crash at a CTA bus stop. Responders took him to Mount Sinai Hospital for proper medical attention.

Moreover, a 21-year-old man and a woman in the Kia also suffered from injuries. They were taken to the same hospital, police said.

The 33-year-old taxi driver and the 21-year-old driver of the Toyota both refused medical treatment.

Citations are pending against the man in the Oldsmobile, reports say.

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