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Taxi driver fined for stopping to assist a disabled customer get into his car
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Taxi driver fined for stopping to assist a disabled customer get into his car

Hampshire, EN — Taxi driver Victor Isaac was left disappointed when traffic wardens issued him a £70 parking fine after leaving his car on double yellow lines for ’60 seconds’ in order to help a disabled customer.

The 51-year-old driver explained that the ‘frail woman’ obviously needed help to aboard his Hyundai I40 estate. Mr. Isaac further said that he it took less than a minute to help the elderly passenger. However, when he returned to his vehicle, he found a traffic warden writing up a ticket.

“As I came out of The Phoenix bar I could see the warden standing by my car and started to shout to her – I was saying “‘I’m coming,'” he said.

According to him, when the warden turned around, she then realized that Mr. Isaac didn’t just leave his car and that he was assisting a customer who needed his help.

Still, the warden issued him the ticket.

“Once they’ve printed out the ticket they have to issue it and she just left,” Mr. Isaac said.

Moreover, the driver revealed that the passenger he was helping was actually a regular and that he always leaves his car to assist her.

Mr. Isaac argued that although it’s against the law to park on double yellow lines, the warden “should be more sensitive to these things”.

“We do this every day – this is part of my job,” he said. “By punishing me for this, you’re discriminating against people who need my help. There are a lot of elderly people in Romsey. How are we supposed to help the elderly people who rely on us to get them around?”

He added: “My customer was really upset – she said ‘I’m sorry that I’ve caused this’ but I said ‘don’t worry, it’s not your fault’.”

Mr. Isaac, who has been a taxi driver for 4 years, claims that he will be appealing the fine. He argues that he has proof that he was only on the double yellow lines for one minute.

A spokesperson for the local Test Valley Borough Council released a statement regarding the incident:

“Parking restrictions are in place for everyone’s safety and to ensure the flow of traffic is not obstructed. These parking restrictions are clearly marked and the ticket was issued in line with the council’s enforcement policy.

The officer could not have known who was being picked up, from where, or how long the vehicle had been left in this area, which should still remain clear at all times.

Should the driver feel there were mitigating circumstances then they have the option to appeal the fine, and this is exactly what this process is in place for.”

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