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England — The Maidstone Crown Court has proven 41-year-old Uber driver Romanian Mario Nicolae guilty for ‘brokering’ deals between prostitutes and punters.

He allegedly ran his business from Downs Avenue, Dartford, between April 1, 2017, and September 19, 2018. The suspect faced inciting prostitution for gain, keeping a brothel, and money laundering.

Moreover, Mr. Nicolae initially believed he made as much as £500,000 from his illicit businesses. However, upon further examination of his bank account, the figure was found to be much less.

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Prosecutor Tom Dunn claimed that it was a ‘commercial enterprise’. Nicolae helped the sex workers by providing telephones, premises, and condoms. Furthermore, he even assisted in ‘very sophisticated online marketing’.

According to him, the Uber driver arranged a telephone number telephone number within his control. The number would then be used by an individual, ordinarily a female who the prospective clients thought was one of the girls but was in fact “one step removed”.

“Prices were agreed and sexual services were then delivered for which he took a cut,” Prosecutor Dunn stated.

Furthermore, the prosecutor claimed that they did not force anyone nor were they working in ‘unpleasant or degrading’ conditions. He stated the women “often sought out” the defendant rather than the other way around.

Sentencing was adjourned for probation reports. However, Judge Tony Baumgartner warns the Uber driver that he was facing a jail term.

The court released him on unconditional bail until August 15.

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