Jodie Mason, who is fighting cancer, said she had to block her door to stop the Uber driver getting inside

Birmingham, UK — A former hair model currently battling cancer reveals her dangerous encounter with an Uber driver on her way home.

The 26-year-old Jodie Madison booked an Uber ride home after a night out in Birmingham city centre. Initially, she was with her cousin during the ride.

“My cousin gave him an extra £10 to make sure I got home safely as I only live three minutes away.”

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However, as soon as her cousin left, the driver refused to take Jodie home. “So basically we were off-grid so no-one could track my journey,” she said.

Then the driver started acting inappropriately, even after knowing that she had cancer. “He put his arm round me, saying: ‘Come on beautiful, come on’. I said: ‘No’, got out the car and then he tried to walk in my house – where I live on my own.”

“It was bad. I had to stand on the door with my arms spread, as if to say: ‘You can’t come in'”.

Furthermore, Jodie states that the driver then asked to come inside to use her toilet.

“He said: ‘Oh come on, just five minutes’, I said: ‘Well you can’t, I live on my own, it’s 5am, I don’t want you in my house’. I had to stand at the door until he left.”

Jodie claimed she was beyond terrified that the Uber driver would come back for her.

Moments after the incident, Jodie reported the driver via the Uber app – and received a speedy response.

“I said to Uber: ‘My driver’s behaviour is making me feel uncomfortable’. They’ve been really good to be fair, Uber support rang me, Uber senior support, then Uber people that liaise with police phoned me, refunded my journey, blocked his account, so it was all fine.”

However, after the horrific ordeal, Jodie admits that she might not be able to ride an Uber by herself ever again. “It’s like as soon as people know you’re vulnerable, people think: ‘Oh we can prey on this girl'”.

“There is no place for this kind of behavior in the Uber community. We take all reports very seriously and investigate thoroughly,” an Uber spokeswoman said. “During investigations, we usually remove a driver’s access to the app, and if the allegations prove true, an individual would likely face deactivation.”

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