Uber driver Arman Belassarov’s license was suspended or revoked 45 times over a two-year period, police said.

New York, USA — Despite having his license revoked 45 times, Uber driver Arman Belassarov continued to drive his car, according to police.

The 31-year-old driver was caught in his 2014 Toyota in Montauk at about 2:40 am, Saturday, June 29. Mr. Belassarov apparently stopped his car in the middle of the road, hence, blocking the traffic, an East Hampton Town police officer wrote.


When the police officer ran his license, 44 suspensions or revocations came up from the system. New York State Department of Motor Vehicles states that Mr. Belassarov had two years worth of suspensions or revocations for various alleged offenses. It includes failure to answer summonses, appear in court, or pay a fine.

Moreover, a total of 66 points worth of conviction between 2016 and 2017 was found in the Uber driver’s license. Additionally, his license has been suspended in Manhattan, Queens, and Kings Counties between August 2017 and April 2019 for multiple speeding tickets.

Other than that, he also faces charges such as driving an uninsured, unregistered vehicle. The East Hampton Town police have impounded the 2014 Toyota.

Mr. Belassarov’s arraignment representative, Carl Irace, claims the driver “is hustling to make money”.

Town Justice Lisa Rana looked at Mr. Belassarov. “I can tell you now, the way you are not going to be making money is by driving.”

Rana released the Uber driver on $2,000 bail. She warned him that if he has any more arrests, “the bail will change significantly”.

The Uber driver will return to court Wednesday, July 3.

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