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Discrimination prevention seminars to be implemented by taxi companies
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Discrimination prevention seminars to be implemented by taxi companies

Amsterdam, Netherlands — Taxi companies are now planning to take action against discrimination with the region’s Discrimination Hotline.

The program was initiated after a discrimination incident during Pride Amsterdam last year. According to reports, a taxi driver refused to give Pride ambassador Jennifer Hopelezz a ride.

Subsequently, taxi companies signed a declaration of intent for a discrimination-free taxi market.

There will be three measures, according to the declaration. Taxi drivers will now receive orientation about discrimination as well as help to prevent and combat it.

If ever discrimination takes place, certain measures will be made within the involved taxi companies. Furthermore, taxi companies will appoint someone to raise awareness about discrimination among taxi drivers. 

Moreover, all Amsterdam Authorized Taxi Organizations, Uber, ViaVan, Dutch transport association KNV, the municipality of Amsterdam, and the Discrimination Hotline signed the declaration of intent.

“This is actually about treating people the way you want to be treated”, a taxi center director stated.

“There is no room for discrimination,” alderman Sharon Dijksma of Traffic and Transport said. “We want everyone who gets into a taxi in Amsterdam to feel welcome and able to be themselves.”

Pride Ambassador Jennifer Hopelezz is happy with this step. She hopes that the declaration will result a safer taxi experience to all residents of Amsterdam.

“Being refused a ride is a daily reality for drags, fetishists, transgender people and anyone who stands out,” the dragqueen stated.

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