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Kind-hearted cabbie offers free ride to stranded Metro passengers
The cabbie who helped the Metro customers on their way was from Richmond Taxis in South Tyneside.

Kind-hearted cabbie offers free ride to stranded Metro passengers

Ah, traffic. Nothing beats the sunshine out of your fresh, new day than the sight (and sound) of a busy downtown road. Drivers are yelling, trains are overpopulated, Ubers are all occupied, and buses are 15 minutes delayed.

If you’re one of the many city dwellers who rely on public transportation to get to work, you’ve probably had one of these days. And that’s exactly what happened to four people who got stranded in the Metro.

However, instead of chasing after public transits and getting late for work, these folks managed to arrive on time without spending extra.

And that’s all thanks to an unnamed cabbie who gave them free rides to their destinations.

29-year old Katie Barron was one of the passengers. She was about to go on an early-morning train to Leeds on Friday, July 5 when Metro delays struck.

She had to wait for 30-minutes for the next Metro. However, she only had 45 minutes to get to Newcastle Central Station for her train.

Without many options, Katie decided to take a Richmond Taxi with three fellow passengers to make the journey. They arrived at the station with just seven minutes to spare before her train’s departure.

The cabbie, as it turns out, is a volunteer at the Freeman Hospital in Heaton. So when Katie and the other passengers tried giving him his payment, he instead told them to donate it to the Macmillan Cancer Support.

Katie, who works as a PA and lives in Hebburn said, “It was just so lovely – you just don’t expect that of people these days.”

Katie Barron, one of the stranded passengers who was saved by a Richmond Taxi cabbie.

As soon as they did, one of the passengers started to walk up to the Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI) to start her shift. To her luck, the cabbie offered to take her there free of charge so she would not be late.

“It seemed to be his instinct to make sure this woman got to work,” Katie stated. “It was a nice gesture.”

“It’s nice to be praised by one of our customers,” Steven Pippin, office manager at Richmond Taxis said.

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