Lyft faces 7 sexual assault lawsuits in a day

Ridesharing company Lyft faces 7 sexual assault lawsuits.

Global – Despite its ‘woke’ image, rideshare company Lyft faced seven sexual assault lawsuits in just one day.

According to reports, several women came out after they were allegedly raped or assaulted by their drivers. Furthermore, the company still has not refunded their fares even after reporting the incident.


Four of the ladies claimed their drivers raped them in their own homes. One of them, a Louisiana resident, spent an evening with a friend in New Orleans in January 2019. She decided to take Lyft on her way home. However, her Lyft driver “raped and sodomized” her in his very home. Meanwhile, the three others said the drivers sexually harassed them.

Apart from them, several others also came forward with alleged experiences of harassment and stalking by their Lyft drivers. 

“It’s important to note that a large number of our clients were victims of a physical sexual assault of some kind, not just harassment,” Attorney Meghan McCormick said.

Moreover, the lawsuit stated that Lyft has “failed to implement the most obvious and straightforward safety procedures in order to address the growing problem of sexual assault”.

“Right now, we have over 100 cases between Lyft and Uber,” Attorney Laurel Simes said. “We’re getting new cases every day.”

Most of these sexual assault cases are not brought to trial. Hence, victims have taken to social media to raise awareness of these issues.

A spokesperson for Lyft released a statement regarding these lawsuits. “We do not tolerate harassment or violence on our platform, and such behavior can and does result in a permanent ban from our service.”

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