Taxi driver killed in Pretoria anti-drugs protest

Protest sparked by taxi drivers in their war against drugs.

Pretoria, South Africa — Taxi drivers have been very vocal with their intent to fight against drugs the past few weeks. However, in their latest riot, a mass shooting took the life of a taxi driver.

Last Tuesday, the city came to a halt when protestors blocked major intersections with metro buses. The chaos seemed to arise following the death of a truck and taxi driver. The incident led taxi unions and civilians to forcefully remove nyaope youth from the streets.


However, as the taxi drivers confronted drug dealers and buyers near Bloed Street Mall, an altercation ensued. It was at that moment that thugs used guns against the protestors, killing a taxi driver.

“The taking of a human life is never justified,” Tshwane MMC of transport Sheila Senkubuge said. “The perpetrators of this murder and unlawful usage of public transport vehicles must be made accountable for these crimes.”

Moreover, according to reports, some people believe taxi drivers found police officers involved in the selling of the drugs. These officers then fired at the drivers which killed one of them.

“The City would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused by the disruptions to public transport operations,” Senkubuge said.

Furthermore, Captain Mavela Masondo said authorities are already investigating the incident.

“At the moment we don’t have any information about the suspect or suspects, but we are on top of the matter,” Capt. Masondo said. “We are, however, also appealing to members of the public to help us catch the person responsible.”

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