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Thursday, February 20, 2020
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UberEATS delivery guy strangles Popeye’s worker

Manhattan, NYC -- An UberEATS delivery man is currently on police search after allegedly choking a fast-food worker. According...

Lyft driver armed with gun attacks residents over a parking spot

Harrisonburg, VA -- Around 12:30 a.m. earlier morning, officers from the Harrisonburg Police Department (HPD) responded to the 1400 block of Devon...

Uber driver smashes passenger’s phone over fare dispute

Bristol, EN -- Police are investigating reports of an assault involving an Uber driver and his passenger. The...

Police chase armed suspect after shooting a taxi driver

Rotorua, New Zealand -- A man was arrested after shooting a taxi driver and fleeing from the police with a stolen car.

Racist Uber driver arrested for assault and reckless driving

Detroit, USA -- Uber user Anton Harris recalls the horrifying experience he and his son had with an Uber driver last Monday....

Milwaukee man stabs taxi driver and sets cab on fire

Milwaukee, USA -- Police arrested 34-year-old Scott Perez after stabbing a taxi driver on the neck and lighting his cab on fire.

Uber driver dragged a woman out of his car after refusing...

New Jersey, USA -- A 37-year old man pretending to be an Uber driver viciously kicked a woman out of his car...

Uber driver back on the road despite sexually harassing and assaulting...

Seattle, USA -- An Uber driver allegedly assaulted and threatened to rape a passenger after being unable to locate her instantly, police...

Federation of Taxi Drivers seeks justice in livery cab driver assault

New York, USA -- The Federation of Taxi Drivers call for justice after a livery cab driver got brutally beaten by a...

Uber driver attacks 5-year-old boy, then steals his iPad

Auckland, New Zealand -- A mother of a five-year-old boy took to social media to share a disturbing encounter she and her...