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Uber driver dragged a woman out of his car after refusing to pay a higher fare
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Uber driver dragged a woman out of his car after refusing to pay a higher fare

New Jersey, USA — A 37-year old man pretending to be an Uber driver viciously kicked a woman out of his car when she refused to pay a higher fare.

According to reports, the 67-year-old lady just landed on Newark Airport when George Gomez approached her at the airport. Furthermore, the suspect allegedly had an Uber sign on his vehicle when he introduced himself as an Uber driver.

The driver then offered her a ride to which the victim accepted. She did not use her Uber app, but rather negotiated a fare on the way to Palisades Park.

However, the victim began feeling uncomfortable so she called her son on her phone. Police say this made the suspect angry and irritated, which led him to forcefully drag her out of the car. Furthermore, the Uber driver even attempted to drive off with her luggage, but eventually threw it out of the vehicle.

The woman was admitted to Holy Name Medical Center. Medical reports say the victim suffered facial injuries, severe bruising, and missing teeth.

Palisades Park Police have checked the surveillance cameras around the area of the incident. A partial license plate led to the identification of the car, which belonged to Mr. Gomez.

Furthermore, Palisades Park Police issued a warrant of arrest for the driver, but Mr. Gomez eventually surrendered.

Authorities took the suspect into police custody in the Bergen County Jail pending a detention hearing. He will be facing numerous charges which include assault by auto, aggravated assault, leaving an endangered victim and robbery.

“We urge citizens to never get into a car with an unknown driver,” Capt. Anthony Muccio said. “It’s not worth the risk.”

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