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Ian Ridley (4/15/2020 – Peterlee, UK)
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Ian Ridley (4/15/2020 – Peterlee, UK)

A convoy of taxis drivers turned out to pay their final respects to a popular Peterlee cabbie that died of coronavirus.

Ian Ridley, 55, was a taxi driver in the County Durham area and drove with Chevron Taxis for around 15 years, with stints at Blueline and 24/7

Convoy of taxi drivers turn out to pay thir final respects to a Peterlee cabbie that died of COVID-19
Convoy of taxi drivers turn out to pay thir final respects to Ian Ridley who died of COVID-19

Sadly, Ian died of coronavirus on April 15, with loved ones saying their final goodbyes on Tuesday.

In emotional scenes, around 180 drivers could be seen standing on the side of the street clapping before following in a convoy to Durham Crematorium.

Convoy of taxi drivers turn out to pay thir final respects to a Peterlee cabbie that died of COVID-19
Taxi driver Ian Ridley

Clair Hampton, who is the manager of Chevron Taxis, said: “He worked for Chevron for about 15 years and left to go and deliver cars. He then came back to the taxi world and worked for different companies.

“He was a massive, massive part of the Chevron family.

“He had a big heart. He would give you the shirt off his back. He was never miserable and no one had a bad word to say about him. There are not a lot of people who can go through life and say that.

“He was just an awesome man.”

Ian was a loving husband to Margaret, who he married two years ago, and dad to David and Katie.

Clair added: “When he married Margaret, he said she had made him complete. He had been a single dad for years and years.”

Clair said the convoy of taxi drivers who turned out to say goodbye showed what an awesome man Ian was.

She added: “It makes me proud to be part of the taxi community. It broke my heart and it was so emotional.

“He was a popular Peterlee man, just lovely.”

A fundraising campaign to help Margaret after Ian’s death raised more than £4,000, smashing the £2,000 target set.

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