Councillors suspended a private-hire driver licence for the unexpired portion of its duration, following worries over conduct and level of English.

Glasgow, Scotland — Uber driver Asim Latif was called to appear before the licensing committee after plying for trade, where a private-hire driver picks someone up off the street who hasn’t ­pre-booked a lift. After defending himself to the committee, the licensing chiefs discovered a deeper problem.

After defending himself to the committee, the licensing chiefs discovered a deeper problem.

As it turns out, the Uber driver has difficulty in speaking English. So, instead of suspending his license for pirating, the committee decided to ban him from driving for his poor English-speaking skills.

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The decision was based off from a protocol that now requires taxi and private hire drivers to be tested on their English skills before they can take passengers.

According to a council officer, Mr. Latif parked his car on Hope Street when four people approached him. He then asked were going and how much they would pay. The group offered £12 for a ride to the East End, but Mr. Latif refused and said he would do it for £25.

Picking up customers who haven’t pre-booked while working as a private-hire driver invalidates the ­driver’s insurance.

Mr. Latif’s brother requested to speak to the committee on his behalf, saying his brother’s English is “not fluent”.

“He refused to talk to them,” he stated. “I don’t know why they gave that account.”

“I have real problems with this,” licensing convener Alex Wilson said.

The licensing committee hoped introducing the English test will improve customer service quality, satisfaction, and public safety.

Hence, Mr. Latif’s license was suspended immediately for the unexpired portion of its duration.

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