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Uber customer switches ‘back to taxis’ after getting his account hacked
Roger Morrison says he's not game to use Uber again after his account was hacked. (A Current Affair)

Uber customer switches ‘back to taxis’ after getting his account hacked

Australia — Businessman Roger Morrison has had enough of Uber after a hacker used his account to pay for their own fares. “I’m not game to use Uber again,” says Roger.

According to him, the hacker took four free rides in one night by hacking into his account. The first trip was between suburbs on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, at about 9.30pm on a Sunday. The fare for the ride cost $28.57, with an additional $1 tip for the Uber driver.

The second trip happened on 10pm while Mr. Morrison was fast asleep. The hacker took another Uber ride near Alexandra Headlands which cost him $12.94.

Furthermore, the third Uber ride took happened at 12.40am, charging Mr. Morrison with $23.70. Finally, the fourth trip cost him $78.70.

The trips made by the hacker made Mr. Morrison suspicious. “The second one went from the same street in Alex, different number, back to another address in Alex,” he said. “And then the third trip went from that address in Alex to another address in Alex.”

On top of that, all four trips had the same driver. “That was the one that alerted me to, I know this Uber driver,” Mr. Morrison stated. “His name is distinct, so I went back through my Uber trips and found where he had picked me up legitimately.”

Subsequently, Mr. Morrison canceled his credit card and tried to call Uber. “You can’t contact Uber that’s the trouble,” he said. “There’s no one you can call. You can send an email off, but will they receive it?  If you’ve got a complaint with Uber, you can’t make one.”

Fortunately, Mr. Morrison managed to get his money refunded after Uber finally contacted him. “They asked me to update my details and my credit card and I’m not doing that,” Mr. Morrison said. “It’s back to taxis … I’m sure they’re a safer option.”

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