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UberEATS delivery guy caught having a poo just after dropping off a customer’s order
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UberEATS delivery guy caught having a poo just after dropping off a customer’s order

Northampton, EN — An UberEATS delivery man was caught in camera while taking a dump just outside a customer’s house after handing over a McDonald’s order.

The customer, Curtis McGreevy, claimed that he used the UberEATS app to order food from McDonald’s.

“It was five or six o’clock. The kids wanted a takeaway so I used the Uber Eats App. It came to around £21.29 plus the £3.50 for the Uber driver,” the 25-year-old father said.

Upon placing the order, the man’s details came up to his screen, indicating that he will be delivering his order.

After a few minutes, the man, who is called Ivaylo, arrived at his house with his order.

“I didn’t think any more of it until Harry told me what he had done,” Mr. McGreevy said.

Harry Merchant, Mr. McGreevy’s neighbor, contacted the 25-year-old after seeing the footage from his surveillance cameras. Furthermore, the footage revealed that the UberEATS delivery guy apparently defecated outside a neighbor’s house.

“What happened next was disgusting. Kids play out there. The driver clearly had an upset stomach and should have called in sick,” Mr. McGreevy said.

Furthermore, Environmental Health specialists told both men that investigators will clear it up because of the danger of hepatitis.

The disappointed customer also expressed that it may not have been the man’s first time. “He had toilet roll with him, he came prepared,” Mr. McGreevy claimed. “The app asks rate the order. I gave it a big fat zero. I won’t be using it.”

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