Uber driver sexually harasses mother with her 2-month old in the car

Uber driver kisses and touches 30-year-old mother while her 2-month-old baby rides along.

Long Island, NY — A Long Island mother is suing Uber after a creepy driver kissed and touched her inappropriately while her newborn rode along.

Maryna Yaramiachuk claimed that she and the driver, referred to only as Abdo, were having a casual conversation. However, the discussion quickly escalated to the suspect asking about the passenger’s sex life.


According to the lawsuit, the driver asked her if her husband satisfied her in the bedroom. He then placed his hand on top of her thigh and asked if they could “have a good time” in his apartment.

According to the new Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit, Ms. Yaramiachuk was scared for her 2-month-old.

“I was praying to God to make it to Brooklyn. I had the Uber application on just to make sure I was going the right way,” she said. “He could drive wherever he wants, turn off the application and do something bad.”

To her relief, the Uber driver dropped them off at her parents’ home in Brooklyn. However, as soon as they did, Abdo allegedly put his hands on her and kissed her.

After the incident, Abdo called her three times that day, Yaramiachuk said.

“I have a fear of being outside with my daughter … I can’t go far,” she said. “I’m scared to take taxis.”

Furthermore, the 30-year-old mother already filed a complaint to Uber regarding the incident. The company refunded her $29 fare, apologized and said they would temporarily suspend Abdo while they investigated. But Ms. Yaramiachuk claimed she never heard from the company again about the conclusions of their investigation.

An Uber spokesperson claims the company conducts background checks for all its drivers but could not specifically comment on the case.

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