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Taxi fare dodger fractures woman’s arm after being served with court papers
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Taxi fare dodger fractures woman’s arm after being served with court papers

England, UK — A man reportedly fractured a woman’s arm after she served him with court papers for dodging a taxi fare.

The injured woman, Reverend Emma Newman, went to the defendant’s home around 1:20pm on June 14. According to reports, she offered to serve the court papers to Alan Binder as her husband, taxi driver, Steven Newman, is disqualified from serving the papers himself.

However, it turned out that Mr. Binder wasn’t home yet. So, Mrs. Newman posted a copy of the court papers to his door. She then proceeded to go to Mr. Binder’s workplace in order to give him the court papers in person.

As Mrs. Newman discussed the reason for the court papers, Mr. Binder allegedly started to become verbally abusive. He said that her husband, Mr. Newman, was a “f****** liar”, claiming that he threw a £15 at the taxi driver and not £10 for the £26.40 fare.

Mr. Binder then started moving towards her, shoving the court papers to her chest before walking out of the office.

Mrs. Newman pursued him, telling Mr. Binder that she required his signature for service. Unfortunately, he became more aggressive towards her, while denying any involvement of the incident.

At this point, Mrs. Newman informed the man that the incident was captured on the dashcam footage, and this was his opportunity to right his wrongs by settling his fare.

Mr. Binder pulled out a £15 and shoved it into her chest before cornering her and prevented her from escaping.

As Mrs. Newman attempted to escape, the man allegedly struck her in the arm several times while yelling at her.

Eventually, the taxi driver’s wife managed to escape from Mr. Binder. Reverend Newman’s husband was sitting inside their car outside the office when he noticed the commotion. Mr. Binder subsequently backed off as the husband approached them.

The married couple reported the incident to the police. Reverend Newman had her arm checked by the hospital where it was discovered that she had a hairline fracture to a bone in her arm.

Local police are continuing with their inquiries into the matter.

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