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Taxi driver proved innocent over rape accusation
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Taxi driver proved innocent over rape accusation

Manchester, England — A 29-year-old taxi driver was arrested in front of his co-workers, suffered indignity, spent 20 hours in custody – all for a rape accusation that was proven false by the jurors.

According to reports, 27-year-old woman named Laura Hood was on her night out when she was raped by cab driver Haroon Yousaf.

Ms. Hood apparently was “sobbing uncontrollably” and was “shaking and unable to breathe” when she got home. She then told her mother her cab driver raped her.

She described her “assailant” as an Asian male, 58, thin-faced, and with no facial hair. However, all of which did not match Mr. Yousaf’s features. In fact, the driver was 29 and with a full beard.

Furthermore, when police went to her home to investigate, she was ”extremely distraught” and hiding under her bedding.

Her statement: “I was out with my friends in Manchester, I lost my phone, I saw people getting out of a taxi I went over to it asked how much to Stockport.

”He indicated left and I knew he was going the wrong way. He pulled up, got in the back of the taxi and I was scared – he put on a condom and pulled my knickers down to my knees kissing me all over. His hands were all over me – he then tried to have sex with me it was hurting. I didn’t say anything, I was so scared, I couldn’t fight him off, I just wanted it to end.

”When he finished he just got off me and drove me back to the top of my road. He was pulling me towards him as he was having sex with me.”

However, little did she know, the taxi driver had a tracker device. It served as evidence that he drove straight to Hood’s home in Stockport, Greater Manchester, without stopping.

According to Prosecutor Geoff Whelan, the tracker recorded the exact route the taxi had taken and at no point did it turn off into a side street, as claimed by the defendant.

Ms. Hood is currently on trial at Minshull Street Crown Court where she denies perverting the course of justice.

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