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Taxi drivers shut down Mexico City’s Zocalo in protest against Uber

Taxi drivers shut down Mexico City’s Zocalo in protest against Uber

Mexico City, Mexico — Frustrated taxi drivers gathered on the streets in downtown Mexico City on Monday, once again protesting against the unfair competition from ride-sharing services like Uber, Cabify and Didi.

The protest started around 6:30am, where the drivers began parking their pink-and-white-painted cabs in Zocalo. By 10am, roadways leading to the city’s center started to suffer traffic congestion which lasted until noon.

All of the protest’s attendees urged for one thing: total ban of ridesharing apps. Taxi drivers argue that ridesharing apps exempt themselves from strict regulations and licensing fees. Thus, generating an unfair competition.

Mexico City’s Members the National Movement of Taxi Drivers (MNT) leader Ignacio Rodríguez Mejía released a statement to El Universal. “The application drivers have all year to get their license, and it’s free,” he says. “But the taxi drivers have to pay, and if they don’t, they can get fined up to 10,000 pesos.”

Furthermore, Mexico City Mobility Secretary Andrés Lajous revealed a statement during a press conference last Sunday. Lajous stated that there were more than 150 meetings during the month of May for taxi drivers to voice out their concerns. And in those meetings, The Mobility Secretariat agreed to lessen the requirements for taxis.

City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum said the government remains open to dialogue with the transportation sector.

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