Singapore — Cleanliness has always been Singapore’s strongest asset – aside from their modern and impressive infrastructures, of course. In fact, they have landed on the 5th spot of the world’s cleanest countries in a recent ranking.

But just as we all thought Singapore couldn’t get any better, a viral video involving a lady cab driver proves us all wrong.

The video was posted on 9:36am yesterday on a Facebook group called Singapore Taxi Driver. It showed a female taxi driver walking around with a pair of chopsticks and a plastic bag while waiting in queue at a taxi rank. She could have easily used her phone during the wait like most of us do, but no. Instead, the good driver starts to pick up bits of garbage from the ground and stuffed it in the plastic bag. These bits of trash might possibly be cigarette butts from fellow drivers taking a quick break while waiting.

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This very simple yet amazing act of kindness and respect to the environment amazed everyone in the community. The video garnered many positive comments and shares commending her deeds.

In this time of great environmental crisis, we truly need more people like her in the world. She serves as a great example to not only the cab drivers, but to the whole humanity itself.

Yes, good deeds shouldn’t be this big of a deal. It should be our own initiative to make the world a better place. But it’s important to appreciate little acts like these, too. Because little acts, if done by many, can make wonderful and greater results.

Kudos to that taxi driver! And may the taxi industry lead the way to a better, safer, cleaner environment!

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