Photo of suspect who indecently assaulted a sleeping woman in a Gold Coast taxi.

Queensland, Australia — Authorities have opted a manhunt for an unknown man who indecently assaulted a sleeping passenger on a Gold Coast taxi last month.

According to Senior Sergeant Gavin Peachey, the incident happened just before 4am on August 25. A cabbie picked up a 20-year-old lady outside an establishment in Broadbeach. Then, an unknown man suddenly approached the taxi asking if they were heading to “Tallebudgera”. The taxi driver allowed him inside the cab as the man climbed on the backseat.

Everything seemed fine during the ride. However, things escalated when the man began reaching forward to the sleeping woman in the front seat. Moreover, the suspect then allegedly indecently assaulted her as she slept.

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Meanwhile, the driver was unaware of the assault taking place until he pulled up to the woman’s address in Palm Beach.

But he started sensing that something was off when the man got out of the vehicle as well.

He became further alarmed when the male passenger started pulling the woman forcefully from the taxi.

“That’s when he has become really concerned and tried to leave the scene as soon as possible,” Sgt Peachey said.

The driver tried to drive away from the man before he could lure the woman out of the cab. However, the suspect had actually grabbed hold of the taxi’s sliding door, ripping it off its hinges.

Police have released pictures of the suspect taken from the taxi’s dashboard camera. The suspect is described as a heavy-set man with short hair wearing a patterned short-sleeved shirt.

Investigators are encouraging anyone with information about the suspect’s whereabouts to come forward.

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