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Uber driver who groped a passenger has history of ‘sexually inappropriate behavior’ (Chicago, IL)
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Uber driver who groped a passenger has history of ‘sexually inappropriate behavior’ (Chicago, IL)

Chicago, IL — Police places charges against 36-year-old Uber driver Sargon Nano after sexually abusing a female passenger a year ago. Furthermore, prosecutors revealed that the driver has a history of acting “sexually inappropriate” with passengers.

According to reports, the 29-year-old victim, together with her sister, requested a ride through the Uber app about 11:30 p.m. Mr. Nano then picked them up in a 2018 Dodge Journey.

The victim’s sister was the first to leave the vehicle, dropping off at her Old Town apartment. However, as soon as Mr. Nano was left alone with the other sister, things began to escalate quickly.

The Uber driver allegedly began to take the 29-year-old woman to her home on the West Side, prosecutors said. During this part of the ride, Mr. Nano also asked her the directions to her destination. When asked why his Uber app wasn’t showing those details, Mr. Nano told her he had shut off the app. Moreover, he decided to give the ride for free.

The driver then pulled over and insisted the woman transfer to the front seat next to him. He managed to convince her by saying that he would not drive her any farther unless she agreed.

However, as soon as the woman obliged to his request, Mr. Nano allegedly began trying to hold her hand as he continued to drive.

Shortly after, he pulled over again, grabbed her arm, kissed her, and started fondling her.

Photographs were taken of bruises on her arms she received when Nano grabbed her, prosecutors said.

The victim asked the driver to stop. She was also unable to escape the car as she was unfamiliar with the neighborhood and didn’t want to provoke Mr. Nano into doing something worse.

This scenario happened repeatedly. Mr. Nano even placed his hand over her groin and asked her if she wanted to “have fun with this.” Eventually, he took her phone from her, put in his contact information and then sent himself a text message. The lady left the vehicle once she recognized her neighborhood and walked home. As soon as she arrived home, she called her mother and immediately told her what happened. She then reported the incident to Uber and filed a police report.

On Wednesday, Mr. Nano turned himself in and was taken into custody. The victim identified him in a lineup, according to court records.

A spokesperson from Uber claims that the driver no longer has access to the app and that he had not taken a trip with Uber since the report.

Furthermore, prosecutors claim that this wasn’t the first time Mr. Nano received a sexual assault complaint. Assistant State’s Attorney Lorin Jenkins said last Thursday that multiple prior complaints by other customers have been made against him.

Sargon Nano will be facing a felony count of criminal sexual abuse and a misdemeanor count of battery in connection with the incident on Sept. 1, 2018. His next hearing was set for Oct. 3.

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