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Taxi driver beaten by a mob after slamming into a crowd of protestors (Hong Kong)
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Taxi driver beaten by a mob after slamming into a crowd of protestors (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong — A group of protestors attacked a 59-year-old taxi driver after losing control of his cab and plowing into a crowd of protestors.

The incident occurred during an anti-government protest against the anti-mask law in Sham Shui Po. Taxi driver Henry Cheng Kwok-chuen was allegedly on his way to collect a passenger.

However, around 4pm, the driver got stuck at roadblocks set up by protesters.

“I was told by his family that he was trying to move his vehicle, causing anger from the protesters,” Jumbo taxi owner Chau Kwok-keung revealed in a statement. “Some even went to attack the two wing mirrors and hit the side of his car, which made him very frightened.”

Eventually, someone managed to reach in and pull on the steering wheel. Cheng then lost control of his cab and rammed into the crowd of protestors.

The taxi allegedly mounted the pavement before smashing into a shopfront. Furthermore, the crash injured a 23-year-old woman. According to the police, the woman suffered a broken leg and had dislocated her knee on the other.

A large crowd of demonstrators immediately surrounded the driver and assaulted him. Cheng received multiple injuries and suffered several rib fractures due to the incident.

Police said the driver lost HK$20,000 (S$3,500) in cash and a watch worth about HK$140,000 during the fracas.

Authorities classified the case as “rioting, wounding, criminal damage, theft, and traffic accident causing injury.” Furthermore, authorities pressed no charges against the taxi driver.

On Tuesday, police arrested a 20-year-old man in Sham Shui Po for rioting.

A police source said the force will look at all angles when approaching the case.

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