Chicago, IL — An UberEATS delivery guy, identified only as Tevin, was caught on camera stealing several packages during a food delivery, police reports.

Surveillance footage shows that the guy arrived at the South Loop Building to deliver a customer’s McDonald’s order.

Furthermore, the man also clearly looked directly at the CCTV before walking out of view. After a couple of minutes, he returns and takes four packages from the apartment lobby and calmly exited the building.

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The customer confirmed that his UberEATS driver is, in fact, the thief caught on camera.

Security personnel from the building claims that they called Uber after reviewing the footage.

“They claim to only hire contractors, what kind of background check are they doing for these employees?” a security guard said in a statement. “Are they even taking responsibility for their own employees and maybe their actions?”

An Uber spokesperson says they have removed the driver from their platform. Moreover, they claim that they are willing to provide any information to police who are now investigating.

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