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Surrey mayor threatens $500 fine to Uber drivers caught picking up passengers in the city
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Surrey mayor threatens $500 fine to Uber drivers caught picking up passengers in the city

Vancouver, Canada — A total of eighteen warnings were given out in Surrey with Uber being fined $500 a day as per city mayor Mayor Doug McCallum’s orders.

According to McCallum, ride-hailing companies need to comply with a business license. However, since Uber doesn’t have one, the service is operating illegally. Moreover, the city mayor promises that the fines will continue if Uber keeps operating in the city.

The decision followed after Surrey issued Uber a warning to stop operations by the city. Although Uber claims it had all the necessary licenses, an Uber driver still received a ticket for operating without a business license over the weekend.

“I felt that was only fair to give them an opportunity to comply,” McCallum said. “I heard some individual drivers have chosen to do so. For those who continue to operate in Surrey, there will no longer be warning tickets and any violators caught will be ticketed and will face a fine of $500.”

Meanwhile, the mayor claims he supports the ride-hailing industry. But he insists that it has to be on a level playing field with the taxi industry.

However, the Ministry of Transportation revokes the mayor’s decision. According to them, municipalities can set requirements for business licenses for ride-hailing companies, but can’t stop their operations.

“Provincial law is clear, no municipality has the authority to block the operation of ride-hailing services. The absence of a bylaw or business license in specific municipalities related to ride-hailing is not grounds for refusal of the service.”

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