Car crash involving school bus and taxi in Chicago

Chicago, IL — At least 4 adults were injured after a school bus, pick-up truck, and taxi collided Thursday evening at the busy intersection of Stony Island Avenue, 79th Street, and South Chicago Avenue.

According to police, the 34-year-old taxi driver was driving a taxi south on Stony Island Avenue. Meanwhile, the 53-year-old pick-up truck driver headed northwest on South Chicago Avenue. However, the private vehicle suddenly ran a red light and hit the taxi.

The pickup then hit the school bus. The school bus driver was a 55-year-old man and was at the intersection.

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Medical responders rushed the pick-up truck driver to the University of Chicago Medical Center in serious condition. On the other hand, the taxi driver declined medical attention.

The woman, who was the passenger in the cab, is currently recovering at the same hospital.

Furthermore, the school bus driver is at Jackson Park Hospital for waistline pain and has since had his condition stabilized. Another 68-year-old woman on the school bus also recovered at Jackson Park Hospital with left shoulder pain.

Authorities report that there are currently no citations for the pick-up truck driver.

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