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Taxi driver hailed a hero after speeding through Lancaster traffic to get 19-month-old boy to hospital
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Taxi driver hailed a hero after speeding through Lancaster traffic to get 19-month-old boy to hospital

Lancaster, PA — A Facebook status posted by Steven Swarbrick went viral after sharing their story with a quick-thinking taxi driver.

According to Mr. Swarbick, his son Max suffered a seizure to which he called 999 for help. However, operators told him there were no ambulances available immediately.

The father of two was devastated. Luckily, taxi driver Steven Corless came to their aid. He took the family to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary to get Max the help he urgently needed.

The 60-year-old taxi driver said he was initially called to the family’s Morecambe home to collect Kym Swarbrick. Furthermore, he was supposed to take her to Morecambe prom, where her husband Steven was with their son Max and daughter Miah.

“She said their son was unconscious,” Mr. Corless said. “When I pulled up, the husband said he couldn’t get an ambulance and they were both very anxious. So I suggested I could take them but obviously it wouldn’t be as quick as an ambulance.”

Max Swarbrick was taken to hospital by a taxi driver after suffering a seizure.

Steven then sped through the Lancaster traffic. “I was thinking about the kiddie but also I had to concentrate because we were driving so fast.”

Along the emergency ride, the taxi driver spotted a police car. So, he put his hazard lights on and stopped the officers, asking them to escort him to the RLI. Moreover, they were then joined by a police van, and both emergency vehicles escorted the taxi through the one-way system with blue lights flashing.

“Luckily we arrived at the hospital in no time where the A&E staff were outside waiting for us,” Mr. Swarbrick said.

Steven, a former truck driver and experienced motorist, said it was only afterwards that the situation sank in.

“I went home after I had dropped them off,” he said. “I felt a bit anxious and just went home to relax.”

The Facebook post has since been shared and liked hundreds of times, with the taxi driver being praised for his quick-thinking.

The 60-year-old taxi driver, who is also a grandpa, said he was later told by family about the story going viral on social media.

“I only did what anyone else would have done,” he said. “It makes you think though, and luckily I was able to help them. My main concern was getting the child to hospital in time.”

Meanwhile, Max is now back home doing great and recovering.

“We would like to say a massive thank you to this taxi driver for his help and professionalism and also to the police officers and A&E staff,” Mr. Swarbrick said on the Facebook post.

The family has since dropped payment into the Coastal Taxis office along with a thank you card and gift voucher.

“My family and I were very grateful to Steven for sticking around and taking us through to the hospital,” he said. “He was very caring, very professional, excellent driving skills and he is a credit to the local taxi services.”

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