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Inspiring story of Ntinyari Rutere who works as a taxi driver, flight attendant, and a clothes vendor!

Inspiring story of Ntinyari Rutere who works as a taxi driver, flight attendant, and a clothes vendor!

Kenya — In this world where almost everything gets done instantly, doing even the simplest things seem challenging to us. In fact, it might be rare to find someone who will willingly wash the dishes without posting a three-paragraph long rant about how rough the world is to them. We have come to the point where we complain (and give up) at just about anything.

So today, we’re going to share an inspiring story about a 27-year old student that will put all of our whinings to shame.

It’s a refreshing take and a reminder to us all that life isn’t meant to be lived easily. No matter how much we want to, it just simply doesn’t work that way. Sometimes the complexities in our lives are there to shape us to become stronger. And if you refuse to acknowledge it, you will soon find yourself trapped in a pool of problems.

Without further ado, let us get ourselves motivated!

Meet the girl with three jobs…

27-year old Daystar University student Ntinyari Rutere works as a flight attendant, taxi driver, and clothes vendor in order to achieve financial stability.

A cabin crew in the morning, taxi driver at noon, and a university student at night. That is what 27-year old Ntinyari Rutere have to deal with every day.

Born in a poor family, divorced parents, and a mother of one, Ntinyari knew she needed to double up her hustle in order to survive.

Ms. Rutere’s daily routine usually starts by waking up early in the morning at around 4:30 am. She then drives to Wilson Airport to start her shift as a flight attendant.

“My work shift is very flexible because I mostly do mid-morning flights and I usually come back at around 1 pm,” says Ms. Rutere. “Once I arrive I check out the passengers and turn on my Taxify application because most of our passengers want to use taxi to drive to town.”

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Ntinyari Rutere working as a cabin crew at Wilson Airport.

After dropping her passengers in the Central Business District, Ms. Rutere then joins her sister in their clothing business to deliver orders to their clients.

“After like one ride or more, I reach out to my sister who manages my SN Trendywear business and ask if there are deliveries to be made. If there are then I deliver and quickly get back to my taxi business until 5 pm,” she says.

Once everything is settled, she then attends her evening classes at Daystar University. She is studying electronic media and public relations.

“I know life is very difficult but you have to survive, be determined and do your best.” Ms. Rutere says in an exclusive interview. “Drop the mentality that this city belongs to the rich, it all belongs to us what determines is how you are determined to make ends meet.”

Got some inspiring and motivational stories of your own? Share them down below in the comments!

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