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Australian Uber driver calls Indians ‘f****ng peasants’ in viral video

Australia -- A video showing an Australian Uber driver went viral after launching his racist rants at a fellow ride-share driver.

Leeds taxi drivers stage protest outside Elland Road Police Station over...

Leeds, England -- Taxi drivers from across Leeds held a protest earlier outside Elland Road Police Station. Demonstrators allege police are 'failing...

Man arrested for racially abusing Blackpool cabbie

Blackpool, EN -- Former shop worker Travis Phipps pleaded guilty to racially aggravated assault against a cabbie when he appeared before magistrates...

Racist Uber driver arrested for assault and reckless driving

Detroit, USA -- Uber user Anton Harris recalls the horrifying experience he and his son had with an Uber driver last Monday....

Taxi driver locks racist passenger inside his cab until police arrived

England -- A 32-year old man named Roy Greasly had his fate sealed by a taxi driver after saying racist words against...