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Uber driver sprays ‘irritant chemical agent’ at passenger
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Uber driver sprays ‘irritant chemical agent’ at passenger

South Carolina, USA — Police are on search for an Uber driver who allegedly sprayed an ‘irritant chemical agent’ at a passenger.

According to the victim, he and a friend were riding in an Uber on King Street when they observed a disturbance on the sidewalk. They then asked the driver to stop so they could watch what was going on.

However, the Uber driver refused to do so and demanded both passengers to exit his car. Moreover, a verbal argument ensued as both left the vehicle.

The victim told police he leaned towards the front passenger window while arguing with the driver. That was when the driver retrieved a bottle of irritant chemical agent and sprayed it into the victim’s eyes.

The Uber driver then fled the scene of the incident.

Reports say the passenger suffered irritated, watery, red eyes. Furthermore, there was also redness around his eyes and face and the victim started having trouble seeing and breathing immediately after the assault.

Fortunately, the victim was able to provide the identity of the driver, named Jon David Barrett, through the mobile app. Authorities claim that the victim wished to press charges for the assault.

Uber has not released any statement regarding the incident as of this moment.

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