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Uber driver registers as sex offender in kidnapping case
Uber driver

Uber driver registers as sex offender in kidnapping case

Pittsburgh, USA — Allegheny County Courthouse found an Uber driver guilty of kidnapping and assaulting a passenger on Monday.

According to police, 32-year-old Soumana Dao was off duty when he picked up the victim. He then began to touch her inappropriately during the ride. The driver also took the woman to his house where he forcefully pulled her out of the car. However, a neighbor stepped in and got her away from Mr. Dao.

Furthermore, the victim thought Mr. Dao was her Uber driver, but it turned out he was not.

The victim was unable to appear before the court as she’s been through so much related to the case. The Commonwealth claims she is suffering from trauma that she no longer has the strength to work or go to school.

The court sentenced Mr. Dao to 364 days in jail, including four months already served. He will also serve five years of probation and must register as a sex offender for 15 years. 

Mr. Dao’s defense attorney, Blaine Jones, claims the sentence is “very good” considering the fact that a first-degree felony faces a maximum of 20 years.

“He maintains he’s innocent, but we respect the decision of the court,” Mr. Jones said.

Mr. Dao, a West African national, apologized to the court. “I did not come to the United States to commit crimes.”

Furthermore, Mr. Jones says his client plans to return to his country after he is released from jail.

“However, if he goes back to West Africa where’s he from, the authorities in West Africa will probably not respect the 15 year Megan’s Law registry,” the attorney said.

The suspect is barred from working for any ride-sharing company as part of his sentencing.

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