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Uber Driver Overcharges Woman After Refusing To Go On A Date With Him (Texas)
Bad uber driver

Uber Driver Overcharges Woman After Refusing To Go On A Date With Him (Texas)

Mesquite, TX — Most of us would agree that talking about our personal life with a complete stranger is a super-awkward situation. But it’s a whole different story when that total stranger asks you out on a date whilst being stranded in a quiet, dark neighborhood.

That’s exactly what happened to artist Amanda Harris after taking an Uber ride home.

According to her, the Uber driver had pull over on a dark road because the car supposedly broke down.

“As the car broke down and we pulled over, I was a bit worried,” Amanda told Metro News.

During that time, the driver kept asking questions about her personal life and even asked to go out with him. She says: “When he pulled over on the dark road he said, “oh well, it’ll give me more time to talk with you”.

Amanda tried to make excuses such as “taking her dog out” just to escape from the creepy driver. However, with poor cell reception and a dark road, it seemed rather unsafe for her. In addition, he insisted on her to stay and promised to call for help after 10 minutes. “But that didn’t happen,” Amanda says.

The driver also told her – along with other promises – that she would not have to pay for the ride and her troubles. Finally, he asked her out for dinner, which she politely declined. He even offered her money, which just made the situation weirder.

The Uber driver managed to get her home safely – well, not particularly safe, after giving out her job address and having him drop her off to her house.

The next morning, a wave of realization hits her: the driver had decided to charge for the whole trip – including the time they had been broken down.

“So the driver overcharged me because I refused him? This is his form of punishing me for turning him down?” Amanda supposes. “I should have given in to him in order to avoid a charge for a ridiculous ride?”

After reporting the incident to Uber, she received a refund of $4.00.

“My dignity is worth $4?” She asks. “If I said I thought this was an isolated incident, that would be naive. For me, it’s the only time an Uber driver has done this, but what about all the other women, or men even, that go through things like this as passengers?”

Eventually, Uber refunded her the whole amount. Uber reportedly told her that the incident was already noted on the driver’s account. But still, that did not stop Amanda from worrying that the same incident to could happen again to her or anyone else. “They shouldn’t have to go through it either,” she adds.

Uber’s spokesperson reached out and said that the company is currently investigating the incident.

Amanda Harris is now calling for a safer ride-sharing system for the safety of all women and vulnerable people.

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