Uber driver accidentally drives down a staircase

The Uber driver drove off the road and into a staircase in a shopping complex on Hall St, Bondi. Picture: AAPSource:AAP

Australia — A video went viral online after an Uber driver accidentally mistakes a staircase for a driveway.

According to reports, the driver attempted to drive down a staircase thinking it was a driveway to nearby apartments. However, it was all too late when he realized his lapse in judgment.


“I mean it looks like a driveway in, so what happened?” the driver said.

The poor driver was left hanging in the balance and unable to reverse out of the predicament. “All the wheels were off the floor so he couldn’t reverse,” witness Oscar Fowler said. “It was a bit of shock, the bloke was just sitting in his car though.”

Eventually, authorities mowed his Audi Q3 away and the driver left unscathed.

Another witness made a pretty witty remark saying: “[He] came out to make some money as an Uber driver, but he’ll be getting an Uber home.”

“I would laugh if the GPS was to blame,” one Reddit user said. “The worrying thing is people who blindly accelerate into driveways without looking. Surely as you turned left, you’d look forward and see where you were going.”

The stairwell apparently needed some repairs after suffering some damage. However, police say it’s unlikely the driver will face any charges.

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